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How large is the trout pond?

Encompasses approximately 2 acres, containing 2 islands, 2 bridges and is approachable from 360 degrees.


How deep is the pond?

Depth from 2 to 30 feet.


When does the fishing season begin?

Stocking will begin in May 2009 and fishing is scheduled to begin in June 2009.


What type of trout inhabit the pond?

Rainbow Trout initially with Pacific Goldens to follow pending revision of stocking permit.


What size are the trout?

All fish will be approximately 12-14 inches long and weigh 1 pound. We are planning an aggressive feeding program so the fish will gain size rapidly, approaching 2 pounds by mid-summer, early fall.

What is the cost of the fish?


What do you supply?

All rods, reels, terminal tackle, bait and chum is provided as well as fish cleaning and bagging/tagging.


Do you accommodate fly fisherman?

Yes, fly fisherman are welcome but must have their own gear.


What is not allowed for use in the pond if we wish to bring our own bait or lures?

Absolutely no live bait is allowed including minnows, worms or grubs. Since this is a catch and capture pay lake, all fish landed must be kept. Nothing is to be returned to the water. Also, the use of barbless hooks is prohibited.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, most major credit cards, cash and in state checks are accepted.


Do you provide waders or boats?

No, since the pond is accessible on all sides no boating or necessary and wading is prohibited due to the sharp drop from the bank. Parents should keep this in mind if small children or non swimmers are fishing. PFD's are available for free, upon request.


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