Tim Paisley: July 2005, August 2005, September 2006, June-August 2007, July-August 2008  


"We first met Tim at the World Carp Championship held in June of 2005 here on the St. Lawrence.  At the time, he was paired with Steve Briggs and they won that Championship.  After they came and took a peek at our facility, they booked in a trip back that very August to come and fish with American Carp Adventures.  He came back the next summer for seven weeks with his companion, Julie.  During this stay, the plan was to pair with Jerry for a July match, the second St. Lawrence Challenge.  They held first place for most of the tournament but on the last night they fell to second by 'mere' pounds!


In March of 2007, Jerry and Marcy traveled to France to fish Rainbow with Tim & Julie. Fantastic trip where fishing, relaxation, wine and laughter made a magical holiday. Tim & Julie returned again the following summer for another seven weeks. They paired again for the 3rd annual St. Lawrence Challenge and placed fourth! Needless to say, he's our very dear friend and a mentor to our ever expanding business.

His companion, Julie, is Marcy's right arm during her stays in America and wishes she would just stay year round. They travel about together sharing sights and many fond memories. Julie is a 'hoot' (to 'Americanize' the bond). In the course of trips over, Tim & Julie have brought other friends and foe, John Lilley & Bea, Martin & Caroline Ford, Rob Marsh, Lee Merritt, Simeon & Ili Bond, all welcome back any time!. Here are some shots of the gang!"


23rd August 2006

How can we add anything to what has been said by all the previous visitors to AAA? Two beautiful people running a terrific carp venue in a beautiful part of the world is simply the start. Once you get here it just gets better & better.

Jerry and Marcy are everyone's friends and simply the best at everything they do. This has been a magical experience for all of us: we can't wait to get back. Thanks for the entertainment, the incredible meals, and the fishing guidance. No 40's yet, but God willing they will happen and you guys will have made it possible. Can't wait for next June-July.


Love and thanks, Tim








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