Steve & Caroline Robaszek: August, 2006

Huge thanks to everyone at American Carp Adventures! We can’t think of enough good words to describe what a fantastic time we’ve had here! You have made us feel like friends rather than quests and welcomed us into your home for some great nights!

Jerry & Paul, thank you so much for all your help in finding that magical fish and plenty of others!! You made Steve’s 30th birthday unbelievably special and something we will both never forget. Thanks for the ‘mojo’, the carp-god dance you do (ha ha). We’ll keep in touch and be back soon.

“Caroline happened on an email that Steve had written when they returned and here is what he forwarded to all his mates in England

Last year it was my 30th birthday and my fantastic wife booked us a surprise trip to the St. Lawrence River in America. We spent a couple of days in Toronto to see the sights, CNN Tower, Niagara Falls – truly amazing!! Then a short train ride to a small town in Canada where Jerry from American Carp Adventures was meeting us. His riverside Motel is set right on the banks of the river in asleepy town called Massena. We hit it off right from the start chatting about the river carpin etc… What a nice guy! We were made to feel very welcome and were met by Marcy when we arrived.

I had another surprise on the way they told me Tim Paisley and John Lilley were also to be there. What an honor, two of the biggest names in carp fishing staying at the same place as me!! What a trip this was turning out to be…..could go on for hours and hours!!

The fishing is really awesome and you can use two rods here. Jerry has 20 years experience on the river and prebaits all the swims! Don’t risk bringing your rods and reels, you can hire the lot here for small charge and he has all the top brands. We caught lots of carp from 10 to 35lbs and they fight like overgrown Barbel. I totally enjoyed my stay there and will be going again soon! So if you fancy catching some truly wild carp, give this a try! The difficult bit is coming back and having to change your expectations to U.K. proportions!

If I had my way, we would move over there for good! Houses are really cheap! But they do have very cold winters - so much so that Jerry showed us photos of him ice fishing for carp and driving his truck on the river when it freezes. If you have friends in Toronto then go for it but I would definitely go with a good guide if you are going to fish the river. It is very very large. There are a couple of other guides on the river but I am so glad we went with ACA!! Hoping to back again in September!

Thanks to everyone at American Carp Adventures for making a truly fantastic 30th and Caroline my special wife…xxx. 









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