Paul Larter: June 2004, May 2007, Sept. 2008 (...broken my personal best 4 times!) Total catches 330 fish!!)

Where do I start? I've been Carp fishing for a long time now. I've fished France for six years running but I have never experienced anything quite like this! This is truly mind-blowing stuff. I have broken my personal best 4 times (PB 37lb 4oz.) with 2- 40's, 6-30's, 7-20's and loads of doubles...need I say more?

To come all the way from England you wonder what's on the other side. Jerry & Marcy have exceeded my expectations. Jerry has bent over backwards t make sure my trip was 'mind blowing' and it really was!! I would just like to thank him. He is truly a great guy. Jerry & Marcy are sown to earth people. I will have fond memories of this trip and I can't wait to come again. I wish Jerry and Marcy the best in the future. See you soon.









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