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Sven & Ger Suljkens, George & Rita, Mourits, Jenny & John Suljkens (...everyone had a perfect week...including five 40's in one day!)


Sven & Ger...

I can assure you that everybody had a perfect week.  My father and I caught 55 carps during our stay.  We know that it's possible to catch many more one St. Lawrence.  Weather was not in our corner?  But here in Holland we are happy when we catch 1 carp a day.  So you can imagine that 55 carps is still a lot for us, let alone what it must be like for Ria with her 31 carps including five 40's in one day!  And besides, the fishing, the whole experience was just great. 


The accommodation and the hospitality were great. Marcy, Jerry & Colleen were always willing to do anything we asked for.  I'm sure that we will be back one day, because fishing on the St. Lawrence is marvelous.                


John & Jenny...

We came here on the 1st of June and we had a great time.  We want to thank you for the time we spend with you.  Next year you see us again, I know for sure!  We know carp fishing will work for the best for you.


Ria & George...

We enjoy the time of your place very well.  We are love with your St. Lawrence River with her great fishing places.  We will be back!



Archie Campbell


Thanks to Marcy & Jerry for a great trip, it was made a pleasure to organize by swift responses to all queries or questions (some daft) but being the first trip to U.S.A. they needed asking.    

I have fished in France for a number of years but now I will never return there.  This hospitality, the friendliness and hard work both Marcy & Jerry put in makes me want to return over and over again.   

To Jerry I say thank you for the really trying to find the feeding fish in extremely hard conditions.  It would have been easy to say “well the fish are spawning and that’s that”.

But he tried hard. So if you offered a group of 6 English Carpers the chance of in a weeks fishing: 13-30lb+, 150-20lb+, and 200 Doubles, they would die for the opportunity.  If this was a “bad” week, when I come back, let me have a “bad” week again. 

To Marcy, thank you for keeping the provisions stocked the great food in the evening and the lunch time feed.  I have made a great friend in Jerry U hope to rekindle it next year.


(June 2004)  This was the second trip to American Carp Adventures and it won’t be the last!  Jerry & Marcy were excellent hosts once again.  Jerry worked tirelessly to find lots of fish---which he succeeded rather well! 

Total for my 9 days fishing:  2-40’s, 15-30’s, 71- 20’s, 80 doubles and 10 singles!!!  178 Fish!   This is really what dreams are made of.  Thank you both and see you next year. 


Ian Chidley & Archie Campbell



Marion "Scotty" Scott

(...anticipation) Sept. 2002 & May 2004


Thanks both of you for a wonderful time.  I look forward in enjoyable anticipation to returning soon.  

“Scotty did come back - several times in fact! But unfortunately he passed away in 2005.  We knew when he was late for his arrival, something was wrong.  Although he was 83 years old, he was the first one out of bed and the last one off the banks.  He lived for fishing and we will miss him. 


God Bless Scotty!!” 



Peter & David Sheen, Richard Taylor

("Fish Your Dreams") June 2003 & 2004  


FISH YOUR DREAMS!   No exaggeration! 


Personal Best smashed by myself and son! A whopping 40.5lb  a  33.5lb  a 31lb  a  29lb  etc. etc. etc.  Rick didn't even think of work! Most unusual for him, not the whole week.


Accommodation excellent, food great, good times had by all. 



Chris & Andrew Wookey & Jason

(...this holiday No. 1 for us) Sept 2001 & Sept 2004


Jerry's skill and knowledge coupled with Marcella's home cooking. Warmth and welcome makes this holiday No. 1 for us.  The magnificent scenery and good fishing make this a true American experience.   

Good luck for the in this new adventure.  Hope everything goes well. 


P.S. 'France?' Forget it!  Not even in your league.  Tight lines! 

The Welsh Lads 



Ben, Bill & Greg Ciliberto

(Wore us out...)

Aug. 2004, June 2005, June 2007

Jerry & Marcy are it!!  Caught Carp, caught 2-30's first afternoon, caught 16 including a 40 1st full day (they came for 3 days)  Wore us out!! Had fun and ate great!  Pretty much say it all.  Thanks so much for the fishing outing of a lifetime.  We'll see you soon, no doubt, with friends and family from Bucks County. 


Thanks M & J - Great trip! 



John & David Watson

Sept. 2002 

Fabulous hosts, fabulous country - 'BIG' - so are the CARP!!  I have enjoyed our stay her and we are returning in the future.  My sincere thanks to Jerry & Marcy for looking after us so well and with such friendliness. 

Honest, helpful, nothing is too much trouble, that's Marcy & Jerry.  Thank you for the experience and hope to see in the very near future.



Peter Blakely

(….accept and appreciate every little scrap of practical knowledge Jerry tries to impart.) Sept. 2004, June 2005 & June 2006


“Peter use to book with another local guide and had even tried the venues in Canada before he came to find American Carp Adventures.” 

This three week “carping holiday proved to be of the highest quality.  Every moment very precious and, in fact, I didn’t miss any fishing opportunities at all.  Excellent! 

Jerry & Marcy each deserve a medal.  Their never-ending efforts, in all aspects, made everything go almost without any snags at all.  But Jerry and I met them “head on” and status quo soon established.  

Marcy soon sorted out food and drink, etc. and I could not have had better treatment ‘wherever’. So much so that Jerry has convinced me I should be here for last week of May and the 4 weeks in June.  Imagine it…5 weeks here!  Non-stop big bites and searing runs and plenty of fighting carp!  Could even beat my PB at 41-lb!!! 

If all my problems are eliminated in 2005, I’d just say ‘please book me in’ and let battle resume with the gorgeous carp at your excellent facility.   


A sincere ‘thank you’ to both of you for all your considerable help in all aspects.  Do hope A.C.A. achieves its due and proper success and that all your day-dreams become reality. You both deserve it. Should anyone be staying with you, there really is only way to approach the carp here….accept and appreciate every little scrap of practical knowledge Jerry tries to impart. 

Finally, I hope this conveys to others that their professional and personal attitude is 100%. Thank you having me for three weeks. You’ve been superb!  Bloody hell – back to reality at 1500 lb of gorgeous carp!  All the very best! 



David Lovatt, Tony Lacey, Bibo & Nutty

(...amazing stay...amazing trip) Sept. 2004


All the guys have had a great time (there were nine of us). Lots of great fishing and other excitement as well. 

"These guys took trips to Montreal and Toronto Canada as well as Niagara Falls!! They saw the sights and fished to boot!"  Great bunch! 

Tony Lacey - Great hosts & amazing stay.  We will remember the excursion to Montreal with a big smile.  Fishing fantastic!   A big thank you to you both. 

Bibo & Nutty - Great river, great food, great time, great holiday and that amazing trip to Montreal!  I thought it only rained like that in England.   



Steve & John Feerick

(…god help you!)


Jerry said we had a very poor week due to the fish spawning.  We had over 80 fish.  3 at 30+, 3 at 29+, 40 at 20+.  God help you on a good week! 

Thanks for all your hard work and hospitality.  We will see you again.  Best Regards. 



Stevie Baxter & Derek ‘DEL’ Nevel

(...screaming reels) October 2006 


Thank you for the most exciting fishing holiday we have ever had.  You have done everything to please us.  We are not really jinxed. Steve going for a swim after his rod got pulled in (Carp 1 - Steve 0).  Your genuine concern for us both has been a revelation compared to all the other fishing holidays we've been to.  The food was marvelous and the fishing wonderful.  You have been the most wonderful hosts and we both thank you.  Paul is a great bloke and could not do enough for us. 

There's only one we have to go home?? 

"These guys had more mishaps! Poles taking off into the river with screaming runs and they dove after it into 70 feet of water!? - Jerry recovered it by dragging the river the next day!?  Falls - spills and thrills we called them.  Funniest guys to have around though.  Made for great fun." 



Peter Biles

(… looking for Shangri-La?) September 2001


If you are looking for Shangri-La, you have just arrived.  If you find anything to complain about, drop me a line and I will put you right!   Jerry and Marcella are in my American travels & I have done quite a bit.  The most outstanding couple I have come across.   

Nothing is too much trouble for them & everything is just perfect.  The fishing is great, the scenery magnificent.  It has truly been and "American Experience" to remember. 


Tight lines & Best Wishes for the future. 





Radu, Donna, & Ina Georgescu

(…bring your children) Aug. 2004 & July 2008

The dream of any carp angler! Unique spot on the planet!  If you have to travel thousands of miles, it's worth it. No matter how long -your stay will be too short and getting exhausted pulling on carp will be the common feeling. 

The smiling, gently, friendly Marcy, next to the professional all knowing "Guru of the St. Lawrence", Jerry, will complete the picture. If your birthday will happen to fall during your stay, it will be memorable!  We will be back for sure. 


P.S.  Bring your children with you. At the very least, it will be the experience of a lifetime.  









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