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Hospitality has always been Marcy’s highest priority. She ensures that all guests are provided the very best in comfort.  While our previous accommodation remains very clean and very comfortable, we have had to expand our complex to accommodate our increasing reservations.


Great news!  Under construction right now is our brand new 4000 sq. ft. lodge.  The lodge is nestled atop Jerry’s equipment headquarters. The convenience of its location coupled with it huge size maximizes the ‘gear-up’ stage and keeps preparation centralized. It is sure to meet every guests highest expectation.


There is a huge outdoor deck covered at one end, open at the other, to take advantage of the beautiful view all the way round.  The decking is two stories up overlooking our 2- acre lake.  Imagine watching hundreds of fish jumping below…it gets your blood pumping all right!  The view is magnificent and the atmosphere magical. Whether you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee or mingling with cocktails, behold the breathtaking beauty of a stocked lake as well as brilliant sunsets that are infamous to the St. Lawrence.


Our new lodge boasts a large social area (great for swapping fish tales).  It will include a bar area, large screen television, comfortable lounge chairs, card tables, pool table, dart board and more.


A modern kitchen is where the preparation of Marcy’s scrumptious meals will be prepared for all of her tired and hungry guests.  No complaints here either.  Marcy cuts no corners when she plans meals for clients.  She knows you’re going to need your stamina.  You are sure to go home a few pounds heavier.


There are spacious washrooms with ample sink & shower stalls. Roomy Bedrooms not only offer the latest comfort but privacy from the rest of the complex when a proper rest is necessary. Your private rooms are secured for personal belongings.


A full laundry facility will be incorporated making your packing room more practical… always more fun to pack more fishing bits when the airlines hold you to a limit. No more taking all that fishy mess back across the border if you don’t want to.











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