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St. Lawrence River USA.


Use 2 Rods here!!


Is 1 in the net better than 2 in the keepsack?



Prepare yourself for some rod-bending, arm-aching
action with mind blowing results!!


All American Angler combines professional guiding with a unique Carp habitat to ensure a spectacular holiday experience.


Test your mettle against these powerful fish and discover the draw of the fascinating St. Lawrence River.


Knee-buckling sensation!! Total Satisfaction!! Maximum Enjoyment!!

So What Do We Offer?

  • Full Board & Self Catered Packages

  • An Expert Guide with over 20 years of experience

  • Transportation to and from airport and/or train

  • Fully-Equipped Kitchenettes - clean and comfortable

  • Fully-Prepared Meals -delicious!

  • Safe Storage of personal belongings

  • Hospitality - everyone is special

Our complex is between Massena and Waddington, NY. Obvious advantages make our venue your first choice when fishing on the mighty St. Lawrence. As you can see above, our location allows you to walk to your swim, or you can let Jerry's expert guiding service (over 20 years on this river) put you onto some of the biggest carp in the world.


Carp angling in North America is quickly getting the recognition it deserves. In June of 2005 the World Carp Championship was held just minutes from our location with some fantastic results. One of our teams placed 5th overall and the experience was a success for all of us!

Farmlands, flooded over 50 years ago, have created the perfect habitat for massive carp. Still, they fight the deep waters on a daily basis. This keeps them hard-fighting and lean! Very prolific and unlimited swims produce some of the most pristine carp you will ever see. While you may not see huge lumps on these belly's, you will see a difference the moment that bite alarm sounds and the action begins.


Your Hosts


Jerry and Marcy own and operate All American Angler and are passionate in assuring that your holiday is the absolute best it can be.



Jerry is a fully-licensed Charter Captain, born and raised on the St. Lawrence River. He personally scouts and pre-baits all swims and has a high regard for your success. He is extremely dedicated and his expertise always leads to prime and powerful commons. Comments and overall satisfaction can be seen in our gallery.






Marcy is enthusiastic with a warm personality. She greets you with a smile then oversees your exceptional accommodations. Your meals and shore-side needs are important to her. Hospitality has been our way of life for many years. You will experience some of the best fishing in the world, but expect to be spoiled a little as well. Please feel free to browse our gallery and see fishing at its very best.









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