Thanks to Marcy & Jerry for a great trip, it was made a pleasure to organize by swift responses to all queries or questions (some daft) but being the first trip to U.S.A. they needed asking.    

I have fished in France for a number of years but now I will never return there.  This hospitality, the friendliness and hard work both Marcy & Jerry put in makes me want to return over and over again.   

To Jerry I say thank you for the really trying to find the feeding fish in extremely hard conditions.  It would have been easy to say “well the fish are spawning and that’s that”.

But he tried hard. So if you offered a group of 6 English Carpers the chance of in a weeks fishing: 13-30lb+, 150-20lb+, and 200 Doubles, they would die for the opportunity.  If this was a “bad” week, when I come back, let me have a “bad” week again. 

To Marcy, thank you for keeping the provisions stocked the great food in the evening and the lunch time feed.  I have made a great friend in Jerry U hope to rekindle it next year.


(June 2004)  This was the second trip to American Carp Adventures and it won’t be the last!  Jerry & Marcy were excellent hosts once again.  Jerry worked tirelessly to find lots of fish---which he succeeded rather well! 

Total for my 9 days fishing:  2-40’s, 15-30’s, 71- 20’s, 80 doubles and 10 singles!!!  178 Fish!   This is really what dreams are made of.  Thank you both and see you next year. 














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