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Tim Paisley

(...terrific carp venue ...2 beautiful people, beautiful part of the world)


Martin Ford

(Editor - CarpWorld)


John Lilley

(...never disappointing)


Ian Chidley

(…never fish France again!)


Jason Shute

( was great, fishing was excellent - Terminal Tackle in Beds)


Andy Crawford



Darren Holmes

(...tried fishing Canadian waters first)


Paul Larter

(…broken my personal best 4 times!) (Total catches 330 fish!!)


Gary & Joe Joyce

(Jerry consistently put us onto great fishing which culminated into personal bests)


Adrian Loomes & Janet Kemp

(2,992 lbs in two weeks! – two people)


Colin Chambers

(Colin "The Chef" says...Jerry's expertise of the river is second to none.) 


Jason Cann

(never came across an experience like this1)


Frank Warwick

( was hectic...enjoyed it very much)


Les Weber

(Les makes history - receives MBE award from Her Majesty the Queen)


Bill & Cheryl Rawlins

(...unforgettable time...friends for a lifetime)


Richard van der Linden

(Dutch translation here)


Simon "Grad" Penn

(...simultaneous runs)


Duncan & Delenia Maclean

(..Townlake, Austin TX, pales in comparison to this!) 


Roman Buczynski & Dave Sherwood



Steve & Caroline Robaszek

( is really awesome and you can use two rods here)


Tom & Mike Brayne

( holiday of our lives)


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