Nick Franklin, June 2003 (… never known anyone who worked so hard to ensure I catch fish) 
Thank you for wonderful week.  Marcy - thank you for the excellent food, especially the ‘special’ lunches, for running us around, for clothing, beer, supplies, more beer!!, and generally keeping us anglers civilized.  Jerry - I have fished abroad several times and have never known anyone who worked so hard to ensure that I catch fish.  I know how hard it is to catch when the fish aren’t feeding but you really went the extra mile!  I know I will be back.  I just have to convince my wife to come too!!  Nick. 



Jason Shute (of Terminal Tackle in Beds) & Rob, June 2003 &  Sept. 2004 (…beer was great, fishing was excellent!)                   

I can only repeat what Nick had to say.  Had a fantastic week, food was great, beer was great, fishing was excellent!  You’ve been great hosts too.  See ya next year.



Simon ‘Grad’ Penn, Oct. 2003 (…simultaneous runs!) 

Flew 3500 miles to sit up to our necks in mud, through wind, rain, sun and frost (-2 degrees c !), went through miles of line, 60 leads and rigs – sound good so far?  We had it off big time!!  172 fish including 25 thirties to 39-12, countless upper twenties and numerous doubles.  Even managed to catch two mirrors!! 

We saw it all, simultaneous runs on three or more rods, double hookups of thirties, you name it, we had it!  Jerry and Marcy were the perfect hosts.  Jerry, thanks for the best fishing of our lives.  Marcy- many thanks for the great food and looking after all our needs.  See y’all soon!  (Sponsored by Budweiser) 












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