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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will I need a passport?
Yes, you will need a passport. The newer passports have a photo and thumb-print version that are scanned. If you already have a passport, be sure and check for any updates or changes. Give yourself plenty of time for this to clear.

2. When is the best time to come?
May through June and September through October are the best months. However, due to the variation of change in the depths and temperatures of the water, fishing is good all season long (May through Oct).

3. How does the Weeks schedule run?
We pick you up from your point of arrival. If time allows, we get your license before returning to the complex. Early the next morning you sort your gear and prepare for fishing (this varies slightly depending on time of flights etc.). You will be delivered to prebaited swims, provided with a shore side lunch, and you fish all day, You will return some time before dark to a fully prepared meal. Should you decide to bivvy up, this must be agreed upon as a group and give 24hrs notice. You are welcome at any time to take advantage of the casino, our shopping mall or one of the many pubs and restaurants Massena has to offer. Please let Marcy know ahead of time and she will be happy to adjust to the plan. On the last day, you come in and immediately check back gear for inspection. On your return date we get you to your point of departure.

4. Do you fish in Canadian Waters as well?
Yes, if requested, but remember, Canada only allows one rod per angler (here we use two) and there is an additional fee of $35.00 for a Canadian license.

5. What should I bring for clothes and gear?
Bring all your own gear unless you plan to rent it. We need to know in advance when reserving certain items. You should have rain gear, wellies, and some warm clothing. You should bring bug repellant, sun block (both available here) as well as good sun glasses. Bring sneakers or boots that you can get wet/muddy and maybe even a backup pair.

6. What is the weather like?
Average weather in early May to early June is 60-70 degrees F dropping into the 40's at night. July, August and early September are usually warm with the temps as high as the 80's - sometimes 90's. October cools off and can be damp with temps in the 50's and 60's.

7. What airports do we use?
Montreal/Trudeau (formally known as Dorval in Canada) is the airport we use most. It is approx 1 1/2 hrs by car. There are regular train connections to Cornwall, Canada (only 30 min away). The train is only $23 and is handy for small groups and/or 'odd' pickup days. The free shuttle to the train (5min) stops right in front of the airport and delivers you to the train where you board for Cornwall. We can arrange pickup there.

Ottawa (Canada) is 1 1/2 - 2 hrs away, however, there is no train option.

Toronto, (Canada) is also an airport used frequently but requires that you then take a train to Cornwall that is 3-4 hrs (67 pd sterling- round trip). Please reserve train seats 6 days in advance for a savings and assurance of space.

8. What bait is provided?
We provide presoaked maize daily free of charge. We have a selection of boilies for sale but suggest you bring your own. Pineapple, banana, and other fruity varieties do well. They should be bright in color. Our swims are routinely pre baited before and during your stay.

9. Is Night fishing possible?
Yes! It can be very productive especially during the hot and sunny summer months when the biggest fish go deeper to find cooler water and avoid the sun. They then return to the gravel shoals at night to feed. You must decide as a group and give us 24 hrs to make the necessary arrangements.

10. What is typical fishing day like?
After breakfast (approx 7:00 am) we head to the boat and swims. Again, all swims are pre baited prior to you arrival to assure your success. You unload and set up your gear. A fresh shore lunch will be supplied and your swim will be prebaited if necessary. You fish all day. You will return before dark. After you freshen up, a delicious, hearty meal is waiting for you - Marcy sees to that! If you decide as a group to go out later or come in earlier and we are in agreement, your schedule can vary - just as long as it is a group decision.

11. Is there laundry service available?
Yes. We will do laundry on site for $5 a load or you can choose to use one of the facilities in town (3 miles).

12. What is the means for transportation?
Our company van picks you up at the airport/train. Additional trips to town for supplies, shopping, leisure, etc, can be arranged through us for $10 each way or a local taxi service is available. Car hire is also an option, we have one in town that rents by the day or week.

13. What should I bring?
All equipment is supplied (rods, reels, alarms, and bank sticks etc) however terminal tackle is not included however may be purchased on site. Any loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the client upon the return and inspection of all equipment.








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