“This couple was sent our way by Chris Woodrow of Essex Angling.  After their stay with us, Duncan published a brilliant article reflecting on his experience with American Carp Adventures.  Thanks for all your praise Duncan – you’re an exceptional young man yourself!  None-the-less, as you read his article keep in mind that he himself points out that he was ‘self catered’ - proving once again that Jerry is always going to ensure anglers produce fish while visiting the St. Lawrence.” 

“We decided on the self catering package where you are on your own.  This meant no guide help, but that is how I like it.  (Article attached) 

The two best known carp waters in the USA are Townlake, Austin, Texas, the other is the St. Lawrence River in NY.  I am lucky enough to fish Townlake very often but it pails…nothing compared to This Place!! Considering fishing is suppose to be slow in Aug., 43 fish in 2 ½ days dispels the myth.  At least half of those fish were over 20 lbs. 

Jerry & Marcy went out of their way to help. Several areas were mentioned to me where I could fish, I must have got it right!  Advice was always at hand, be it locations, bait, or places to eat!  Nothing to complain about, plenty to brag about! 



CAG Magazine

(Duncan wrote this article about the St. Lawrence after his stay with us.)




















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