I have traveled all over Europe fishing, this place is the best of all.  Carp are fantastic fighting fish.  Jerry’s knowledge of the river is invaluable and he knows every nook and cranny of the river.  Marcy’s meals are superb and if she ever ends up in Edinburgh, give me a call and I’ll give you a few shifts in the Hotel.  ( I didn’t know it then, but he is well-renowned chef – that would have made me very nervous!).   

Jerry & Marcy made me feel like one of the family and very welcome, at ease.  Made some friends I will stay in touch with.  Will be back next year! 

Sept. 2006 -  2nd year here and it surpassed last year.  Jerry & Marcy hospitality…superb, meals great.  Jerry’s knowledge of the river is second to none.  Fishing is once again brilliant.  

234 carp, 3 catfish, two walleye.  Had 3 40’s in one afternoon, 43lb/8oz., 42lb/4oz., 41lb/8oz., also 15-30’s.  Plus a 39lb/12oz (close).  On three separate days I had 30+ fish in number.  Hard going on your own, many thanks to Jerry who somehow managed to find my rod I lost in the river (over 40 ft deep!). 



















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