American Carp Adventures sponsored Roman when he represented CarpWorld Mag. for the very first Juniors Carp Tournament here on the St. Lawrence River.  He often writes for the magazine now.  Here's what he had to say back then...

You can't really express what you want to say (well at least I can't anyway!)  But one word sums it all for me "AWESOME".  The only downside is returning home after a brief stay.  I have only touched what is actually here.  Be sure, I will be back as it really has been great.  Without a doubt, American Carp Adventures is the way to go.  Cheers Jerry, Marcy, Colleen & Jerry Jr., you're all living legends. 

"We are sure he had a great time - but we question the 'legend' part once in a while." 

Ash & Jim Robertson  - Ash also was one of the winners of the CarpWorld sponsorship in 2003.  He came to fish in the Jr. Carp Tourney with his Dad, Jim.















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