Once they found us we couldn't get rid of them if we tried.  But we really love them coming anytime they like. May 2005 again in Oct 2005 for two wks, again in June 2006 for 9 wks, again in May 2007 - we think for 7 weeks! We lost track...we no longer pencil them in - they just 'show up' whenever? Not much notice, they are always welcome.  We put them up in here with us - it's more fun, we can always make room for friends.  In March of 2006, Jerry and Marcy flew to Australia for a holiday!  Then again in December of 2007 to stand for them at their wedding. Special Times!  Here are their photos - let the good times roll...... 

Entry:  3rd August 2005

On the 29th May '05 we left Australia, traveled 32 hours, landed in Montreal, picked up by Marcy.  We drove across the border into N.Y.S.  Our first American trip.   

What an unforgettable time we've had.  Jerry & Marcy making us feel at home from the very first day.  Wonderful people you are.  Billy had a great time fishing across the road.  In a day he caught a total of 16 fish.  The 'smallest about 15-16lb, 6in the high 20's and 1 at 29lb. 

Thank you Jerry for taking time to show us the methods of baiting and 'carp' fishing.  As is has been 20 years since Billy had last for carp.  Jerry's knowledge of the waters is invaluable.  We had great fishing at a place Jerry has named 'Billy's swim'. Our biggest was 35lb with a total of 146 fish during our stay.  

While Jerry & Billy were bonding with the 'carp', Marcy and I headed to N.Y.C. for well-deserved "Retail therapy".  A fantastic time had by all.  We've met such wonderful people and made friends for a lifetime.  We'll be back for the ice fishing.  A special thank you to Jerry Jr. for the use of the Blazer - much appreciated.  To Colleen for the out to the cinema "War of the Worlds" - thank you. 

As a final note - where else in the world could you meet beautiful people and catch the fish we caught.  Thank you, With love Bill & Cheryl 

"Although they came across many times after that, this first entry says it all." 









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