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July 2004


Hi Dave,


Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you about my Holiday with Jerry and Marcy from American Carp Adventures.  This was my second trip and was once again beyond my wildest dreams.  The hosts are two of the nicest people I have ever met, the hotel was spotless and the fridge was always well stocked.  If you go for the full package as I did, breakfast is a do it yourself job, eggs, bacon, beans, breads for toast, etc.  It is all provided.  There is a cooker and utensils in every room.  The reason for DIY is because Jerry is fairly flexible about start time in the morning.  One party may want to start at six in the morning and another at 9:00ish.  I was always ready for dawn.


Anyway, to the best bit.  Nine days of fishing I caught 178 carp!  Yes, that’s right – 178!  The breakdown on the figures reads:


2-40lb + fish, the biggest 42lb 10 oz.

15-30lb + up to 37lb

71- 20lb average 16lb, but all the way from 10 to 19lb

and 10 singles….


What can I say?  Simply the best holiday I have ever had and ‘roll’ on next year when I shall return to do battle once again.  The Photos are a of a 32lb caught right next to the hotel!  You can see is in the background.  I just walked over with the rods and fished for a couple of hours one evening.  The other two are of the 40lb-10oz., my two biggest.


Regards, Ian Chidley














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