Jerry is native to the area.  He knows most everyone or their family. Marcy grew up closer to New York City but now prefers the laid back and friendly atmosphere of Massena.  They have two children, Jerry and Colleen, both recent college graduates that helped at their motel complex for many years before pursuing careers of their own.


Jerry originally studied criminal justice, was employed in the police Dept., but veered off with the railroad for ten years only to return to what he liked best.  He is now a Lieutenant in the Dept. of Corrections.   In between, Jerry became a fully licensed Charter Captain.  Initially he would take charters down to the great lakes area targeting walleye, bass, northern pike and salmon.  He is passionate about hunting, fishing and martial arts.


Marcy kept busy playing mom and housewife while being a waitress and sales rep as the children grew up.  Marcy comes from a big family, loves to cook and needs to be around people.   Jerry and Marcy purchased the Lakeview Motel in 1994. Slowly they renovated, upgraded and expanded year after year.  Jerry became a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and Marcy used her experiences in hospitality to make the Motel a nice place to stay. The hustle and the busy atmosphere of their business is what Marcy liked best. It transformed into their dream, a magnificent complex on the St. Lawrence River. 


They soon realized what the potentials could be if they combined their expertise with this perfect location.  With Jerry already having his Guiding license and Marcy having the experience of working with the public and in the food industry, they were on to something. This was the opportunity to expand into an entirely different area of ‘sport fishing’ - a sport yet to be recognized by America.


In 2000 they expanded targeting Guided fishing tours instead of the familiar species of the Great Lakes. Carp Fishing is heavily recognized in European countries yet virtually non-existent in America.  Carp Anglers travel all around the world for their prize fish. Some anglers belong to syndicate lakes that are stocked in order to assure they will be able to fish for carp with more success.  This is when the ‘untapped’ St. Lawrence River makes its’ debut.   


The St. Lawrence River


Originating at the northeastern end of Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River flows 700 miles to the Atlantic Ocean – draining well over 30,000 square miles of the Great Lakes Basin.  With an average width of two miles and maximum depth of over 200 feet, this sole natural outlet for the Great Lakes System is the largest east-west river in North America. The first 114 miles of the waterway forms the border between Canada and northern New York (USA).  The river provides a power source, and ocean-inland shipping channel and a variety of tourist attractions. The river and lock system was born (a wonder in itself) creating a vast and prolific recreational fishery – not to mention the perfect natural habitat for carp.  When Carp were introduced into to this waterway, no one could have guessed how many and how huge these monsters were going to become.


Being born and raised on the St; Lawrence River, Jerry knows every aspect of this river. Soon after the carp were introduced to the river the story unfolds.  Zebra mussels were also introduced to ‘clean up’ the river making it quite literally one of the cleanest rivers in the world.  These mussels just happen to be a huge staple of the carp.  Deep channels, swirling back-eddies, endless bays and floodplains is where these carp get to call home.  Due to the swift current of the shipping channel, these carp are lean and hard fighting.  Never has fishing for carp been more challenging and more satisfying at the same time.


After purchasing 75 more acres adjacent to the original property, Jerry and Marcy decided to add a stocked Trout lake to their venue. Once again their research into what anglers are passionate about helped them create conditions certain to reflect success on every cast for their quests.  There will be more lakes in the future. They found it necessary to construct a lodge on site specifically to accommodate their anglers.  This will have a large serving kitchen, a game and recreation bar, laundry room, showers facilities and sleeping accommodations on two separate floors all topped off with a magnificent view of the lakes.


They operate both the motel and the guide businesses very successfully together. They look forward to serving each and every client with enthusiasm and genuine hospitality.   Whether you are coming to fish, visit, or work in the area, stay with us and experience some great hospitality while taking advantage of the best fishing in Northern New York.









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